Privacy Policy

1. What information is collected
1.1. Only information that ensures the possibility of supporting user feedback is collected.
1.2. Some user actions are automatically saved in server logs:
1.2.1. IP address, browser type data;
1.2.2. Settings, query time, etc.
2. How the collected information is used
2.1. Information provided by the user is used for communication with them, including sending notifications.
3. Managing personal data
3.1. Personal data is accessible for viewing, editing, and deleting in the user's personal account.
3.2. To prevent accidental deletion or damage to data, information is stored in backup copies for 7 days and can be restored upon the user's request.
4. Providing data to third parties
4.1. User's personal data may be provided to individuals not associated with the current site if necessary:
4.1.1. for compliance with the law, regulatory act, or execution of a court decision;
4.1.2. for the detection or prevention of fraud;
4.1.3. for the elimination of technical malfunctions in the site's operation;
4.1.4. for providing information based on requests from authorized government agencies.
4.6. In case of the sale of the current site, users must be notified no later than 10 days before the transaction is completed.
5. Data security
5.1. The site administration takes all necessary measures to protect user data from unauthorized access, in particular:
5.1.1. regular updating of services and systems for managing the site and its content;
5.1.2. encryption of archival copies of the resource;
5.1.3. regular checks for the presence of malicious codes;
5.1.4. use of a virtual private server for hosting the site.
6. Changes
6.1. Updates to the privacy policy are published on this page.
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