Terms and Conditions

1. General provisions and terms
1.1. This document represents the terms of use for the website RuneAce.com. Please read and familiarize yourself with them.
1.2. The website RuneAce.com is intended for use by persons who are 18 years of age or older.
1.3. The website "RuneAce.com" is an online game provider and is governed by the laws of the country in which the server of RuneAce.com is located. The rules for participation, prizes and payouts are determined by the laws of the country where the server is located.
1.4. Online game providers other than RuneAce.com are not authorized to use our platform.
2. Registration, password, and confidentiality
2.1. To access the User Account, the user must be registered through the official website or with the help of electronic tools.
2.2. The user is responsible for keeping his or her account information confidential, including passwords and other personal information.
2.3. The user is solely responsible for any actions carried out with his or her account.
2.4. The server is not responsible for unauthorized use of the User Account, including by third parties in the event of theft.
2.5. The user is obliged to inform the server about any unauthorized use of his or her User Account.
3. User
3.1. The Service reserves the right to block or modify the User's account at any time in connection with a violation of the rules of using the Service or the law.
3.2. Unauthorized access attempts and attempts to harm the Service are unacceptable.
3.3. When adding any information to the site, insults, threats, slander, deceit, messages containing malicious information (including viruses, trojans, worms, etc.), as well as information that could harm third parties are prohibited.
4. Prohibited
4.1. It is forbidden to use and disseminate information about bugs and errors in the Service's operation, allowing dishonestly obtaining account balance, gaining an advantage over other Service users.
4.2. It is forbidden to publish falsified data.
4.3. It is forbidden to transfer any materials that may violate the intellectual property of third parties.
4.4. False publications of information with the aim of obtaining unauthorized access to information or data of third parties are prohibited.
4.5. It is forbidden to publish information of a religious and political nature.
4.6. It is forbidden to register more than one Account Record.
4.7. It is forbidden to transfer access data to your account to third parties.
4.8. It is prohibited to insult, defame, or question the professional qualifications and integrity of individuals and legal entities, including Service Users and Service Administration.
4.9. It is prohibited to choose avatars containing scenes of violence, threats, obscenity, vulgarity, pornography, discrimination in any form, commercial advertising, and advertising texts.
5. Responsibilities of the parties
5.1. By topping up your balance on the site using any payment system, you assume full responsibility for your actions. The Service does not force or encourage you to perform any actions.
5.2. By spending funds from your balance in any way, you accept full responsibility for your actions.
5.3. The Service does not encourage or motivate you to increase your funds.
5.4. The Service does not provide a 100% guarantee that it will give you the opportunity to increase your funds on your balance.
5.5. The Service, under no circumstances, obliges or forces you to perform any actions. All actions performed by you within the Service are carried out exclusively under your responsibility.
6. Acceptance of the terms of the agreement (acceptance of the offer)
6.1. By using and/or visiting any sections of the Service, you agree to accept and comply with the terms of this Agreement, and you accordingly agree to use electronic means of communication to enter into contracts. You also waive any applicable rights or requirements for a handwritten signature, to the extent permitted by any applicable law.
6.2. If you do not agree to accept and continue to comply with the terms of this Agreement, please do not register an account and/or discontinue using your account. Further use of the Service will be considered as your agreement with the terms of this Agreement.
7. Rights
7.1. The exclusive right to the Service belongs to the Service.
7.2. All rights to the materials provided on our website belong to the Copyright Holders.
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