Mines Game Fairness

Ensuring the integrity of the Mines game is achieved through the blend of three elements: a Client Seed, a Server Seed, and a continuously increasing number named the Nonce.

  • Client Seed: Unique to each player. Once you change this seed, the previous game's hashed server data becomes unhashed.
  • Server Seed: A secret value held by the server, remaining hashed until the client seed is changed.
  • Nonce: This number increases by one with each bet, ensuring a distinct outcome every round.

By combining these seeds with the nonce, a unique hash is created. This hash dictates the Mines game board, setting the placement of mines.

To ensure transparency and trust, you can validate any game's outcome by clicking the 'Validate' button, which redirects to an external playground. There, you can input the required values and check the results yourself.

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